Strategy in action.

For a business seeking for growth, a well defined strategy and execution plan is instrumental for success.

We offer our expertise to support your business on the growth path.


Our Services

We offer key strategic consulting services for businesses seeking for growth.

Business Strategy & Management Consulting

Defining your journey with roadmap and tracking plan.

Growth & Renewal Advisory

    Innovation Coaching

    Creating feasible new business ideas with you.

    Expert advisory on growth & renewal management to ensure your success.

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    Additional services from our network

    M&A Advisory

    Mergers and acquisitions are often needed to accelerate your growth. We will help you to find the right ones and make the process smoother.

    Financial Advisory

    We help you in managing your bottom line and cashflow, and getting additional funding if necessary.

    Marketing Advisory

    No product will sell itself. We will help your find your new customers.

    About us

    Experienced professionals in strategic business management

    and international business development.

    Timo Sokka

    Managing Partner

    My core competencies are business management and development, business strategy development and implementation, growth and renewal generation, innovation management and organizational development.

    I have over 25 years of experience in business management and development. I started my career in various manufacturing operations management. Following steps were global corporate capital investments management, controlling global capital expenditure and additionally controlling factory construction projects globally as well as international mergers and acquisitions of production units. I have been responsible of corporate global strategic business development and strategy process management, being also involved in development of various corporate new ventures, i.e. startups as well as strategy implementation process development. My experience also includes managing continental business and operations as well as managing global new business development. My latest position, before moving into consulting, was the head of new business development, managing operations and commercialization of various new ventures programs, and developing innovation process in a major corporation.

    Our mission is to provide outstanding service to our clients.

    We want to see your business grow.

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